Give us your shining children, your failing children; give us your children who need love as badly as they need learning. Give us your children who have talents and gifts and skills.Give us your children who have none. Give them all to us, in whatever from they come  and people with in these walls will help. We will give you the doctors and the engineers and the scientists and the lawyers and the ministers and the teachers of tomorrow. We will give you the mothers and the fathers, the thinkers and the builders, the artists and the dreamers. We will give you the hope and the dream of tomorrow.

“We Will Give You The Future.”

(N.R. Thiroda)


We, BSS MERTA , with able support from you, desire to give it the right place in the child’s curriculum, and make their day in school, a pleasure rather than a drag with a huge burden on their backs and minds. The aim is that the ugly word of the day – “STRESS”, has no place within the precincts of this campus. Learning has to be fun and the time spent by them, amidst us has to be memorable, to leave an indelible mark on the future lives. We have thus set out a challenging task ahead and look forward to chart this course in the days ahead.

Join us to take a small step for effecting a major change on how children are shaped in this country.

“Shaping Better Tomorrow.”

(Ramlal Khatkar)

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